ESI PRODIGY 7.1 HiFi ( 192 KHz )

(scheda audio regalata e mai usata, ovviamente testata perfettamente funzionante, praticamente NUOVA)

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192 kHz 7.1 HiFi surround audio interface
24-bit / 96 kHz ADC with 102dB(a) dynamic range
24-bit / 192 kHz DAC with 108dB(a) dynamic range
S/PDIF digital I/O with optical connectors
high quality RCA connectors for the main analog output signal
up to 4 simultaneous inputs and 10 simultanous outputs
special design to eliminate CPU and HDD noise
supports 5.1, 7.1 and other surround formats professional
EWDM driver technology
DirectWIRE support to record any signal from any source internally
integrated headphone and microphone amplifiers
ASIO 2.0 support for professional multichannel applications
QSound support under Windows XP available
works under Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 7

Prezzo 75 euro + Spedizione